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I’m trying to use an LFO to modulate between different samples in Sampler using the Beat Sync in the LFO but the modulation is triggered notes outside the range of the samples. Is there a way flying reduce the range of modulation.




  • Hi,

    The Amount param on the LFO will reduce the range of its output. By default it runs in Bipolar mode - around 0 with total range between -1 and +1. You may want to switch off Bipolar mode for total range between 0 and 1.

    You can also send LFO output through Scale + Offset module (MATH) where Amount knob will do the same as on the LFO, but Offset param will allow you to move the range as you wish.

  • turn the lfo amount down

    the lfo amount is the level of the lfo ... this controls how much it gos up and down ...

    unipolar mode (turn bipolar off) is probably what you are looking for?

  • Or you could use the Graphic Modulator and draw in exactly what you want it to do.

  • This works for percussive samples but is there a way to draw in a melody in the step sequencer then modulate between samples in Sampler so it plays a different sample on each pitch but reads the pitch from the step sequencer?



  • so you want different samples, but u want to pitch the samples around too?

    take the sampler and assign a sample to a few keys, take another sample and do the same

  • It would be easier to use the Flexi Sampler for this unless the OP wants to have velocity layers per drum sound.

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    hm, playing a different sample with the same melody(I guess this is the intention?) works if all the samples are the same original pitch

    if they are different pitch its mildly confusing 🙃 to organize that in flexi ...

  • That’s when the Pitch Module comes in handy to set the pitch beforehand or use the “Pitch” input

    on the Flexi Sampler itself.

  • So I managed to get this working with several flexi sampler a switch and CV sequencer modulating the switch. I can now play melodic lines that change on each step. Is there a way to modulate the switch after key press so I can play long sustained melodies without the switch changing on every 16th step?



  • Yes, by using the MIDI2CV pitch output to modulate the Sampler's pitch instead of connecting it to its pitch input.

    In your case, you would use the Sampler's pitch and gate inputs for triggering different samples.

    You might need to change the root key setting for each sample for this to work because you'll want different samples triggered on different pitches play at the same pitch and control the actual pitch only via pitch modulation.

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