Saved projects folder nowhere to be found (MAC)

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I just moved my Drambo operations on to a desktop and saved a few new projects from today, it says they are saved in Local: /Documents, but the documents folder on the Mac contains nothing Drambo related, and the iCloud folder only contains the older projects, I'm pretty new to the Mac operating system so hopefully this is just something super obvious that i'm overseeing!

edit: now even after creating a new folder within the appointed Drambo save folder, after saving it there there is no project file visible when you go to 'open'


  • are you sure you are looking at the right place?

    they should be in


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    if you can't find them just search for your project name in the finder window

    it will show you the path too

  • open recent is indeed always empty, I reported it as bug.

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    I just noticed the very last Drambo setting "Filesystem" where you can set Drambo to Public or not Public storage on the iPad? Is it possible that setting, if it exists on Mac, is turned off?

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    Yes the setting does exist on Drambo-MacOS and I've left it at the default "On" setting.

    Like in the other iOS/MacOS hybrid apps, app data is located under a folder that follows this syntax:


    After installing Drambo on MacOS, find that folder under your machine by opening Terminal and entering this command:

    find ~/Library/Containers -name Cybobeat.drproject

    (Please copy & paste the above into your terminal window in order to avoid typos).

    It's one of Drambo's factory projects and its name will help you find the correct location.

    I've added a shell alias on my machine to quickly change to that folder, and you could also add a Finder Favourite linking to it.

    @lala "Open Recent" is not an iOS app menu.

  • @lala there is no Drambo folder in user/documents as I mentioned, the search on the entire machine also doesn't come up with the projects which I freshly saved yesterday.

    @rs2000 thanks for laying it out, I'm getting this msg in the terminal:

    ~/Library/Containers -name Cybobeat.drproject zsh: permission denied: (maybe it's a language thing as the operating system isn't in english)

    I've managed to locate the Cybobeat.drproject manually but there is nothing else there besides the factory presets.

    I also remember while installing Drambo a while back that I initially opened the AUv3 in Live and it asked me to choose a projects folder, maybe it messed something up because of that as well? At this point I don't have high hopes on recovering those few new projects from yesterday so would it be better to just reinstall it entirely?

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    @Moa13 Please copy the whole line into terminal and hit return!

    "find" is a shell command 😉

  • @rs2000 that's what I did, I think!

    Last login: Fri Oct 13 09:55:32 on ttys000

    xyx@x ~ % ~/Library/Containers -name Cybobeat.drproject zsh:

    zsh: permission denied: /Users/xyx/Library/Containers

    xyx@x ~ % 

  • Nope @Moa13, don't skip the "find" at the beginning of the line.

  • ah literally! @rs2000 here are the results:

    xyx@x ~ % find ~/Library/Containers -name Cybobeat.drproject

    find: /Users/xyx/Library/Containers/ Operation not permitted


    find: /Users/xyx/Library/Containers/ Operation not permitted

    find: /Users/xyx/Library/Containers/ Operation not permitted

    find: /Users/xyx/Library/Containers/ Operation not permitted

    find: /Users/xyx/Library/Containers/ Operation not permitted

    find: /Users/xyx/Library/Containers/ Operation not permitted

    find: /Users/xyx/Library/Containers/ Operation not permitted

    find: /Users/xyx/Library/Containers/ Operation not permitted

    find: /Users/xyx/Library/Containers/ Operation not permitted

    xyx@x ~ % 

    do I have to uncheck a certain security setting or something that you know of?

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    No @Moa13, success! :)

    Your Drambo path is:


    Copy that string, open Mac Finder, hit Shift+Command+G and paste the string.

    In the Finder menu, choose View => Show Path Bar (if you see "Hide Path Bar" then leave it as-is) and drag the rightmost folder from the bottom path bar into the Favourites section on the left sidebar.

  • thanks @rs2000 ! the missing projects are still not there but at least now if I save something it gos straight in to that path and is visible in 'open' which wasn't the case with the ones I saved yesterday, I think Drambo wasn't assigned to a save folder yet or something and pretended to be saving those somewhere.

  • Have you changed any settings in Drambo since yesterday?

    Executing the find command alone won't change Drambo's behavior.

  • I only resaved stuff in to the Factory folder for the purpose of testing if the new project would be visible there and which they were, afterwards I changed the path back to the main one and the newly saved project started to show up there as well, so I suspect that there was something wrong with the initial path and so it got reassigned to the right one because of my save test.

  • I figured it out, I was using a ' / ' in the project names that I was saving which afterwards didn't show up, I just included the / again in a new project and it's saved in to the ether once more, so that was it!

  • Good to know, thanks for the update!

    It's a good idea to never use these characters in file names as they can be problematic as soon as you're working with Win or Mac machines:

    and maybe a few more that I don't remember now.

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