Filter specific MIDI events (Note or CC) ?

Is it possible to filter specific MIDI events in Drambo ?

I have the problem that my MIDI track is receiving a mix of note and CC messages, and I want to process the note messages with a MIDI rack while the CCs are passing through unprocessed.

So my idea is to split the incoming MIDI stream in two (Note and CC), send the notes to the rack, and the CCs straight to the output.


  • You could do this natively in Drambo by:

    • Notes only: Turn notes into CV and then back to notes
    • CC Only: Set a note range that has no notes in it (I think this'll work)

    This is just off the top of my head. You can also use StreamByter which is free and very powerful.

  • Thanks for the ideas. I tried to only get the CCs with a note range filter and that works well. I am aware of StreamByter and Mozaic, but I wanted a native Drambo solution that I can use as part of my own MIDI rack creations, and that works with Drambo as a plugin.

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