Sampler - Create zones from folder, not working.


im trying to import a folder into a sampler so I can then record the output to a Flexi.

When I do “Create zones from folder” it only imports one sample mapped across the whole thing....

It’s always the same sample, too. Doesn’t make sense, it’s not the first, last or middle one... All samples are same borage, etc as far as I can tell. They’re from the same lib. They import fine individually.



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    show it the keyzone u wish to use

    now create zones from folder

    im showing it c2 to c3 and no velocity switches

    as there are more samples in folder than I showed it

    it will still import all samples and map them to higher keys

    if stuff like f3 etc. appears in sample name it tries to map accordingly to key ...

    to save the kit

    press header of module choose presets


  • ...

    if you now press edit and transpose on the notes

    you can switch the samples

  • Hi,

    I think I figured something out. It seems it doesn’t have anything to do with the way I was importing but with the actual file names.

    Heres importing the same files 3 times, the only change is that I rename the files:

    See how when the file name contains “Snare6” it’s only importing one file, and assigning it to “E6”.

    Drambo must be using some kind of naming pattern to try and figure out where to map the file. It seems to be reading “e6” in “Snare6”. Sounds crazy right?. It does to me. That’s a weird way to look for a note name.

    lets try this.

    Yep. It’s doing that.

    Thats really weird. II should look for a note name after a space a hyphen... like “Snare-E6” , not “Snare6” it’s even mapping a file i named “1960's SnarF3 (14)” to F3. So seems like all files with “Snare6” in the name are being mapped to the same E6 and thus replacing each other.

    To me this is wrong.

  • People will cry if their somehow correct named files won’t map to key

    there is no real norm of how to name samples

    so I guess anything that sounds like a note name like f3 or b#

    will map to key

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    Hi @lala thanks for your help!. I cross-posted.

    I figured the naming thing you point out. It’s weird, “Snare6 xxx” should not be mapped to E6. That’s wrong IMO. whatever Regex it’s using it should be more strict and clearer. I’m gonna have rename all those samples. “Dong2” is G2 , Snare2 is E2, BD1 is D1?. Thats not cool, me thinks. Also. If you’re gonna do that, might aswell try to do the whole thing and include velocity layers naming.

    PD: cross-posted again 😀

  • Kontakt’s maybe good to take from here. Can specify which part of the filename’s read/used when import/Automap.

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    AudioLayer has a more “defined” naming structure, you can map velocity too. Something like “snare-e2-127”. I say “like” cos I haven’t 100% figured it out either. In any case I would buy “Snare3-C2” or “Snare3 C2” but never the end of a word.

    How many people with files named “Snare2” have gone bunkers over this?. Who doesn’t have a “Snare2” sample?

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    Yeah seems it varies a lot.. Last week I flipped some autosampled instruments samples from MPC to desktop thinking it’d be a breeze to get them in to Kontakt/ableton/drambo using the default naming system MPC uses when it creates the instrument, but naaaaah!! Kontakt import was a mess, only cool after I told it which part of name to use/ignore. Then I noticed Mpc had recorded silence at start of every single sample (didn’t notice before, guess it’s auto-compensated on the hardware) I had ton of trimming to do.

    Then I flipped the samples to iPad for drambo and drambo didn’t put them in the right spots either. Got bored trying to manually rebuild and gave up.

  • Yeah, it’s sort of a pain in iPad. Even if the naming thing was consistent, there’s no good way to rename files to adapt them to a naming structure. Manually renaming 200 files?. No thanks. And other methods like Shortcuts app scripts are not too reliable.

  • This is the filenames from mpc. 25 samples in the folder.

    this is the Drambo automap

    missing samples etc..

    @giku when I hit this you were so slammed with AU stuff that I didn’t wanna throw more at you ;) but would be cool if you can take a look when AU/Host dust settles 🙏

  • the Problem is there are a lot of Variations to


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    Yeah the Kontakt thing’s godsend...when bulk import you tell it which section of name to use/ignore. 99% bulletproof..

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    i expected naming like this to work

    its 4 samples per octave

    and it takes 6 samples and stretches them over an octave each? Or something like that?

    what are the sample names of the files that are not mapped ?

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    Is it eb2?

    i see a lot of b1, b2



    is this dis 2 (d#2) or b2 😂

  • Yeah it’s weird. The samples should all be spaced at intervals of 3 Semitones 🤷‍♂️

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    At least it does something useful and maps one key per octave already for you

    better than nothing for a throw anything against me try

    not to bad I guess 🤷‍♂️

    but could be better

  • Seems it needs more IQ on sample names recognition... Yes I need to fix it

  • Seeing the MPC samples I can guess why you might want to parse the end of a “word” for a note name, things like “Cb2” or “G#3”... But that also means “Snare2” or “Ride3” are parsed... I’d say a logical comprime would be note name follows a space or hyphen and note name can be [A-G][a-g] followed by optional “b” or “#” and then a number. I hate regular expressions!!.

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    hm, I guess its tricky to define what the end of a "word" is

    like ride3. and blahblaheb3.

    what makes immediate sense to u as a human musician is a bunch of crpytic letters, numbers and symbols in the end.

    look if the letter infront is an E or an B ?

    a little closer but no cigar

    how to get rid of snare2? and still do the rest ???


    is obviously Bassdrum 2 and not D2



    (H is the German note B, bb is hb)



    hm, what makes the mpc nomenclature easy to read as a human is pitch is at the end

    but when name contains velocity info pitch usually isn't at the end of "name" (haven't seen that)

    not sure how far a general set of rules are gonna get u here

    it looks more like a few logic exceptions to me

    to me it looks like all the errors come from

    this is a percussion sound name and not some hint at pitch

    >blacklist percussion sound "names"

    so we need another option here to create zones from folder

    a) percussive (just drop samples, dont try to do clever stuff with sample names)

    b) melodic (do clever stuff with sample names)


    if u see

    c3 d#3 f#3 a3 ...

    in a folder

    its pretty obvious what Im trying to do?

    and how to map it :)

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    • Violine2
    • Violin e2
    • Violin Eb2
    • Violin-e2
    • Violin_E2
    • Violin.E2.127

    Out of those possibilities the first one I believe is pretty safe to omit. Having space or separation punctuation before and after the note name seems like a fair prerequisite.

    You wouldn’t penalize the “snare2” or “bd1” folks. As it is, any name like that is not mapped at all, they’re overridden. If not parsing notes in a word, at least the “Violine2” people (whoever those might be) would get their samples on board. Not in the right note but still. This is an important distinction, when I tried to map “snare2” samples and it wasn’t working I was lost, it’s not obvious. So an “added” or bonus functionality should not come at the expense of causing this kind of confusion. I had to rename all the “snare2, snare3, bd1, bd2...” samples, when it’s the “Violine2” weirdo who should get his/her act together. 🙄

  • Just like to chime in here and say, no matter what I do I can’t get samples to load in order. My naming protocol is dead simple (snare 001, snare 002, snare 003, etc). If load an entire folder named like that it always jumbles the samples out of numerical order. I’ve tried every way I can think of. Still does it. Not the biggest deal ever because I’ll load them in one by one.


  • Right. It probably loads them in their order in the raw folder, which can be essentially random. Drambo would need to sort the folder list, then import the samples individually in the sorted order, probably a good idea. We tend to think of folders the way we see them, but that's just a "view", not the order of the actual underlying data.

  • @giku how do the samples have to be named like to import, say, 128 samples in the correct order?

  • it looks for note names in sample, like C1, C#1, c1,C#1

  • Thanks!

    And sorry, yet another question: After a sampling session with piano-key-to-record, when I save the instrument, where do all the samples go? I can't find them...

  • They are serialized with preset file

  • Yes, not very optimal, i want to move to packages

  • I see, that makes sense. Unfortunately, it would be easier for me to just load them in one-by-one than rename 1000’s of samples.

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