Midi note velocity

How do you control the velocity of an incoming midi note?

For example which module should I insert to output at a different mid velocity then 127:



  • I think you may need to do this in CV space in order to access the velocity, like this:

    Note that the Pitch module is the one in Utility, not the Modulator. This will be affected by the number of voices.

  • Here's a different idea.

    I'm not sure if it will do what you want. But unless I'm mistaken. The Velocity CV signal seems to be based on amplitude.

    In this solution I'm taking the Velocity CV signal from the "Midi to CV" Module, then sending it through a mixer into a "Midi Note Gen" module.

    The "Midi Note Gen" module converts all the CV back into Midi so you can output it using a "Midi Output" Module.

    Adjusting the mixer knob attenuates the Velocity CV signal allowing it to be adjusted relative to what the "Midi to CV" is sending to the mixer.

  • @uncleDave


    Sorry I forgot to thank you both!

    I'm new to the world of CVs and I struggle with simple things like this ...

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