Audio input and Audio out modules

Hi all. Can someone explain these two modules to me? I’m not quite sure how they relate to or are different from the Audio to and from options in the track header menu.


  • Effectively they are the same. A mean to get audio in/out of Drambo.

    The idea is that you may want to use a single track to sequence multiple instruments via sequencer modules, so audio in/out ports (and midi too) can be accessed on module/drambo instrument level as well as track level (for more convenient groove box style usage).

    Also, there are significant changes being implemented under the hood to make it much clearer/accessible/useful.

    Not sure when, but it should surface soon-isd, as high priority item.

  • Thanks for the response. I guess what was confusing me most is that the audio in/out modules don’t seem to have any way to select targets like the track header options do, so it wasn’t clear if they are using what’s chosen there. Good to hear there are enhancements coming around this! That seems like it will make the routing even more flexible.

  • Hi Drambophiles. This thread looks like the right place for this question. I've opened up a project which I originally put together with Drambo hosted in AUM with multiple outs. And now in Standalone, I want to add Master Track and Sends A + B but I can't find any option to add Master or effects send tracks. Is this possible, or do I need to save each track as instrument rack and load into a new project? Thanks

  • @Tom_LJ

    I can think of 3 ways to do it:

    1. Select Master and Send modules on your existing project (tap-hold first module header and move to the right) and hit Copy. Go to your new project and hit "+" on the main track, then hit Paste.
    2. You can select all modules in a track, hit copy, open the new project and hit + and Paste to re-create the track in the new project. The copy/paste clipboard is persistent across different projects. It the track is too long, add a Misc => Section module and fold it before selecting.
    3. You can also save track presets with all modules on the track. Hit the track header, give it a name and save as a preset. You might want to create a sub folder named like your project and save all track presets there.
  • @rs2000 Many thanks for the great tips.

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