Attempt at building Make Noise Qupas in Drambo

I really like stereofilters, so when I saw Mylar melodies video about Qupas I thought I’d try and build something like that in Drambo. It’s just a first version, feel free to suggest improvements.


  • Nice job! I don’t have one to compare it with but I just fed some tones from the wavetable osc into it and was getting some really nice output.

  • This sounds great!

    I stopped receiving notifications from patchstorage. Are you guys receiving them?

  • I stopped them myself so I wouldn’t know :)

  • a second version is on his way with a lot more built in modulation. I added two velocity gate sequencers to excite the filter rhythmically. I’ll upload it later today.

  • Thanks! Just tried it out, very nice.

  • Just beautiful. Thanks 👊🏼™️

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