Bidirectional Feedback for MIDI controllers



  • dRambo actual transmits cc messages on loading from a saved project.

    I use it a lot as a way to save presets.

    I think something like a Midi thru in the Midi mapping menu would solve many issues

    and also the option to choose midi device as well as midi channel.

    Currently we can only midi map per channel so two midi devices transmitting

    the same CC message on the same channel will affect the same parameter.

  • Interesting, never stumbled upon it, maybe because I’m using Mozaic to store encoders state. Is there a video or docs somewhere about this feature?

  • Nope not that I know off as I don’t watch tutorials strangely enough.

    I discovered it after making quite a few presets for my midi devices that use the CC multi generator.

  • So to clarify, am I right in thinking that it is currently not possible to insert/edit notes in the drambo step sequencer via a midi controller (ie launchpad)?

    And sadly this is likely to be a tricky bit of work and thus there is no roadmap for when this may be integrated?

    That's a shame, it's hard to complain when drambo has so much functionality, but this really is a dream feature... It would make sequencing feel way more immediate and LIVE!

  • @ashashash

    You can edit/insert notes using a Launchpad and you can do this using the dRambo sequencer as well.

    You can step input notes when Transport is stopped,

    simply press record and press the notes on the Launchpad

    When Transport is running you can hold a note on the sequencer lane and change it using the LP

    and you can use the Piano Roll.

  • I think @ashashash is talking about live editing sequences as you can with Push or Launchpad with Ableton. This is not possible with Drambo, but note input works as @gravitas described.

  • Ahh, if it's to mimic the sequencer from the LP agreed it cannot be done

    however one can put together a Cirklon style sequencer using two Launchpad scenes.

    One for the steps on/off and the other one for the notes.

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    While you can use a bunch of modules to make bespoke sequencers in drambo and edit them via MIDI, it doesn't replace having a tight control surface integration.

    Having that sequencer integration is my #1 feature wish! I hate that I am looking into buying a hardware sequencer when Drambo's is so good, just to have physical buttons. I'd pay a pretty penny for the IAP if there was an integration with the Lauchpad or APC 64 or something.

    I know that this integration would clash with some of Drambo's open nature. Even if the sequencer integration only supported certain things (eight tracks, trig conditions only via iPad, etc) it would be so great.

  • Agreed it would however I didn't have the patience to wait so I designed my own sequencing tools, using the aforementioned modules, dedicated to both the LP X and the LC XL along with a DFam style sequencer using the Behringer X-Touch with visual feedback.

  • While I don't need sequencer control per as with hardware like launchpad, it would be nice to have session/clip launcher support for Drambo using a Launchpad. This would make jamming much easier and enjoyable than using scenes via midi mapping.

  • I work on 8x8 pad controllers integration.

  • Sounds like great news!

    Would it be possible to think about other than 8x8 layouts? 8 channels is pretty standard, but number of scenes can vary. AKAI APC series typically, but also stuff like Novation Launchkey, Arturia beatstep,... There could be much more controllers to make use for clip launching.

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    Initially no, possibly later.

    I want to have a complete 8x8 integration first. This includes presets and projects loading and saving, so that you may turn the screen off.

  • Awesome news.

    This means that I will be able to streamline my monster projects even more. ;)

  • Super excited for this!

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