Performance knobs module

À la ableton live, a module which is pre assigned to let say a set of 8 midi cc# (set in main app settings) that you can use as a modulation source.

You could just put in in front of any track, link those knob to your patch knob that you want to control with your midi controller, save the preset, et voilà! Every time you load this preset on any project, your favorite midi controller is pre assigned!👌


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    I'd love to have these controls/knobs interfaces. Either as a module, or directly into instrument/processor racks. That would be great to share easy-to-use / ready-to-play instruments.

    Maybe it's because I'm used to Ableton Live, but I've been adding few knobs already in order to provide a minimal/simple interface to my modules. (I also love the way we can already let few modules visibles in the compact view!)

    But I've met quite a big obstacle: Drambo's knobs are "one way binding". They can control other modules signals/parameters but can't be controlled by other sources or other knobs.

    That leads to 2 limitations:

    • If you want to share a patch with knobs as parameters to hide complexity, they can't be controlled by a MidiCC module easily. By now, the only option for the user to control the instrument that has knobs, is to manually replace the knobs with MidiCC modules. Either we can provide a knob based interface, either it would be a MidiCC based interface. But trying to implement both interfaces leads to conflicts, complexity and hard-to-debug problems.
    • Also, a module cannot control a submodule's knob (sometimes, it's useful to decompose a complex module into several underlying utility modules for the sake of reausability/simplicity)

    Two-way-binding knobs would be a possible solution to get rid of these limitations.

    The "standardized" set of 8 knobs (on top of the two ways binding knobs) would be convenient to provide a persistent midi-mapping for the currently selected instrument. We would just need to assign midi control globally in the app once, then every selected/active instruments with this interface would be controllable without midi-learning again.

    TLDR: the idea proposed by PhC would be an elegant solution to offer a standardized/easy-to-use midi control. And having 2-ways-binding knobs could be an intermediate milestone ; and it would expand (even more) Drambo possibilites in term of module control/building/reusability/shareability.

    PS: Thanks for this amazing piece of software!

  • @PhatPhrog Agreed. I had to create a couple of kludgey modules combining CC Input and Knob or Scaler, with X-Faders controlled by external signal to switch between them. The external sig comes from a CC Input toggle, so I can switch all the controls from internal to CC with one controller button. A more graceful design would be very welcome.

    Having a control knob on the CC Input would help. It could work normally when not connected, then track the CC once messages appear. That Knob/CC could be patched to whatever parameters require modification.

  • His could be indeed part of the planned performance control feature: A set of meta controls that can be routed and scaled freely to any one or multiple destinations inside Drambo.

    If the performance mappings with all MIDI parameters but without the Drambo destinations could be saved as a preset, you'd have that.

    I'm not sure how much of a benefit this would really bring in practice because different projects have different structures and different parameters with different meta control layouts, and if you wanted to re-use the same layout again with your MIDI controller of choice, you could save it as a project template with MIDI mappings to start from whenever you need it.

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