Series of Drums Sampler

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Hello everyone :)

I will make a series of drums patch with Sampler and i post here the first.


Ace Tone Rythm, Layered with Mixer, C2 to A3


  • Good evening @Meddy64

    I tried the module but the samples are missing though

    I like the configuration of the module you've put together.

    Very straight forward.

  • Good evening @Gravitas

    I tried to on another devices, it not saved the sample inside sampler.

    i dont know why, but i will reupload the entire file project tomorrow, and not only the intrument patch alone.

    Thanks for this :) the configuration is simple, and you can remove or add very quickly ( but is better with the sample hehe...)

  • No worries.

    Yeah, it does ,'sound better', with the samples in place. ;)

    I'll try it again after you've reuploaded it.

  • edited November 16

    :) I had to put the samples and the patch in a zip, even with the entire project file, the drums did not appear.

    But everything should be ok, tell me if there is a problem again.

    I put a video in the patchstorage description

    Thank you

  • @giku Bug in "Save with samples"?

  • @rs2000 maybe bug, but it doesn’t have to be, unless it was intented to save the sample with the patch :)

    It’s a bit annoying to load a patch on another device, but if we take the sample in the same time, it’s ok.

    The second machine is here, LinnDrum, to make Synthwave or other 80’ stuff.

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