Quantize unquantized recordings

Is there an easy way to quantise an unquantised recording ?

I can select all notes in the piano roll and activate snap and move the selection around , but this just snaps the whole selection to the grid and not the individual notes , iow the unquantised notes remain unquantised


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    I don’t think there’s an easy way to do it, nor even a hard way. I’m not sure you can even do it in ableton live, I mean I haven’t used it a while, but there was no quantize audio, I always do it by hand (basically drag start of bar slice to the correct place on the timeline, leaving the slices mid-bar unquantized for natural swing). Does live now quantize audio?

    What you could do is slice the audio, have it midi-triggered, and then you can quantize the midi..

    edit: wait you mean quantizing _MIDI_? Then again no, snap works for the whole selection, so you can snap to whatever place in the grid, or snap note by note, but notes within the selection won’t snap individually, afaik. I wouldn’t want them to, personally, it’s all about the swing

  • How about turning off quantisation in transport settings and placing a midi quantise module on each track. Then place a toggle button on track one and hook it up to quantise amount on each track. Pressing the button will toggle quantisation on/off.

    I haven’t tried it but should work.

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    The main problem I currently see is that when I set the number of steps to 12 the auto grow doesn’t double the bar but assumes that the next bar is 16. so if I start autogiros with 12 steps and record 2 bars I’ll end up with a total of 28 steps instead of 24.

    So ideally I’d love to see this on pattern level but having auto grow calculating bars correctly would already make it somewhat useable. Albeit not quick to use.

  • This feature does not yet exist.

    If I was to suggest a new feature, I would like a quantization slider and grid/groove style setting that lets us adjust the quantization amount for the current selection of notes.

  • We def. need this function

    quantise selection , or quantise pattern

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