Can't delete / move factory samples

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With WebDav I tried moving all factory sample folders (HiHat, instruments, Kick, Loop, etc) to a new folder titled "Factory". While a new folder titled 'factory' was created, containing all sub folders + samples, the default folders still remained in their places. I've tried numerous times to delete them, both from within Drambo, and through WebDav. They always stay in that spot though, just one layer within the 'samples' folder. Every time I move them it merely duplicates them.

I'd really like to move them, so I don't have to scroll down to my custom folder which I use more frequently..

Anyone else experiencing the same, or is this by design? (I don't use preset instruments which may contain the factory samples, so moving/deleting them isn't an issue for me)


  • Unfortunately Factory content can't be moved, all demo projects would stop working.

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    Ahh, I see. It would be great if factory content could be placed within a folder at the least, to clean up the samples folder.

    Could this be optional? I haven't opened any demo projects since April last year, so it wouldn't really impact most of us after some time.

    edit: maybe with some kind of notice, eg, "Waring, deleting this folder may cause some factory instruments and demos to break. Delete anyway? Yes / No"

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    There is a very simple solution to your problem

    “... so I don't have to scroll down to my custom folder which I use more frequently..”

    name the folder with your samples starting with an “!”

    it will show up as first item and you don’t have to scroll and look for it

    problem solved :)

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    Yeah that's a good idea. Not being able to move things still kinda irritates my sense of organization and folder hierarchy 😛

    Thanks though, I think I'll go do that now.

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    it works very well. :)

    giku and me came up with this a long time ago, seems like he forgot

    just your base folder name start with !

    all your subfolders stay untouched

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    Ugh, I just renamed my user samples folder with '!', and now none of my Flexi or Sampler instruments are working 🤕

    Man, I've been mapping new instruments literally all day..

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    yeah, this is one of those things that drives me crazy. not being able to delete things I will never use and that jumble up organization is like having extra clutter in the room.

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    Update. I just removed the '!' from my folder, reverting back to the old name, and my sampled presets are working again.

    So, I would advise against renaming your folders with a '!' for the time being, if you've already got lots of presets. A quick rename is unfortunately not a solution here.

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    thats to be expected

    you renamed the folder and at the old path is nothing anymore

    if u don’t want to show it again where ish was leave old folder as it was, duplicate it and rename dublicate with !name ;)

  • @aleyas

    look above

  • This has never been a problem for me because Drambo, unlike some other iOS apps, supports folders and you can create whatever structure on top. The factory sample set, again unlike in some other iOS apps, is below 100MB in size, less than some apps without samples.

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    The Sampler module presets are in a 'factory' folder, but the samples themselves aren't in a factory folder. The factory samples occupy the top level of the main 'samples' folder. The size doesn't bother me at all. It's just that the main samples folder has too many sub folders, so I want to put all the factory content into its own folder. Just an organizational habit. Those kick, hihats, loops, etc folders are out of place for me.

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    The folder structure is inconsistent. It’s handled better in the ‘presets’ list.

  • yup. little things like this might not bother some folks, but it drives me kinda crazy.

    I tried to bring this up a long time ago but it got shot down for the same reasons mentioned above. If unable to delete them, I do wish it was easier to keep them from cluttering up the file structure. Like some browsers where you have a single folder with factory content at the root and can create another folder for all of your own stuff alongside it so they don't end up in one jumble. At least I don't have to look at the clutter that way..

    As it is, I've gotten more or less used to stepping over the mess every time I load things up and have my folders numbered so they float to the top. but it still drives me kinda crazy...

    Same is true for the wavetable folder. Defaults to the factory content. would be useful if

    I prefer when I can wipe factory content and demo projects (after reviewing them) and building from scratch - clean slate. (and yeah, I know a lotta people love presets, so I'm one of those freaks who would prefer to build everything from the ground up, but I know I'm not alone in this)

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