A use for the arrow buttons (qwerty keyboard)

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I love the ease in editing with STEP and EDIT modes. Being able to press on a step, see all active notes, and hear a preview of the step is great. It makes creating complex baselines, melodies, and drum patterns (especially sampled breaks) much easier. It feels kind of like a tracker with the ability to hear a preview of each step.

I think that using the left/right arrow keys to move step by step through the track sequencer in STEP/EDIT mode would be brilliant. Moving through the notes would be quicker, and we wouldn't need to take our hands off the keyboard/controller. The up/down arrows could be used to jump to the next beat or bar. I can't stop thinking about how quick this would make editing.


  • Oh, definitely. Another request that is stone old and gets repeated every now and then.

    My first choice would be MIDI mappable foward/reverse buttons, not only for editing but also for playback of step notes while editing.

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    I made a long list of keyboard shortcuts

    it’s somewhere on the todo list...

    we have to wait a little

  • Fwd/reverse mappable would be great - then we could just assign our own key commands.

    I also think about how nice it'd be to step through the entire project step by step, to get a sense of everything together in context, with the ease of micro editing (like you can in renoise / sunvox etc). This would probably be good in the extended sequencer view.

  • @aleyas And it would open up another method of composing:

    First create the melody/chords/drums on each step and then print different rhythms onto your composition when advancing step by step.

  • Really crossing my fingers for this feature! 🤞

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