Trigger Atom 2 in AUM with a gate, make Atom play just once, then wait for new trigger?

Hi there, I am not sure how to do this and hope to get help here. In AUM I am using a noise gate in Drambo, so that Drambo sends out a certain midi note when audio input to Drambo crosses treshold.

I use this midi note to trigger Atom 2 (by toggle "launch").

The audio used as input to Drambo comes from Spacecraft. It is a noisy signal. This leads to Atom 2 being triggered ON and OFF in an unwanted way. I would like to have it play once, then wait for next trigger after a period consisting of the length of the midi segment inside Atom 2 + a pause.

I think what I need to do in Drambo: after send midi note to toggle ON Atom 2, make Drambo do nothing for length of the midi segment inside Atom 2 that I would dial in somewhere in Drambo and then send same note to toggle OFF Atom 2, then do nothing for length of pause I would dial in. Then resume. (Not really sure it works like this, I just got Atom.)

I would be happy if someone could point me into right direction how to achieve this inside Drambo. I guess I would need some kind of timer and a switch the timer could reset.

Thanks a lot for your time!


  • I don't own Atom but from what you describe, I would question if triggering a clip by a constant noisy signal is a good idea.

    If the audio signal used for triggering had a clearly defined start and end then it would be no problem to process that, even if noisy (Using the Graphic Env to achieve a hold time for example).

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    Signal comes from field recordings, so there is some structure, but it is not musical structure. I would like to trigger shorter musical phrases in relation to this signal, so that whenever there is actually more than technically just noise in the signal, something else happens (playing the musical phrase). That would give a temporal structure to the track that comes from the field recordings. I am happy with the midi notes that drambo i sending out, it is not a constant stream, just not good to trigger Atom directly. Maybe I need to find something in between Dramo and Atom that is just "doing its thing" for some beats and then stops once triggered from Drambo.

    Just saw this someone made and uploaded. That should work almost as is:

    (If Drambo would get a scripting module that could talk to the other modules, Drumbo would be so much more powerful, flexible and accessible. Preferably Python or JavaScript.)

  • @aanton You still haven't described what signal features you want to use for triggering. "Some structure" is hard to evaluate.

  • For now most basic, just signal crossing the treshold. So amplitude in time series above certain value. Imagine recording calmness of neighborhood early in the morning then a dog enters barking fit. First bark will trigger musical phrase. This is about what I want to do.

    I am happy with how the midi notes are triggered in Drambo and sent form Drambo to AUM. Was thinking it should be easy with Mozaic to select notes from this stream of midi notes coming from Drambo (first dog bark e.g.), but after looking into Mozaic I am really, really baffled. I do not get how these scripts run or if it would be possible at all to use it for this.

  • OK, sounds like an interesting experiment!

    Anyway, the Graphic Envelope will do it for you (keep the trigger level up for a certain time).

    @giku The 'x10' button would fit the Graphic Env very well 😉

  • Ok, will try that. If it works, I will report back.

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    This sounds interesting 🧐 I miss an End Of Sample Gate output in Flexi (fun on Morphagene module!). This idea of sending gate only during time that the level is crossing a threshold, sounds fun in similar/different way :) Let us know how it goes @aanton

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    Thanks! I prob missed something (where do I set the threshold?) but not getting any gate in to flexi 2. Only hearing Flexi 1?

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    Tried connecting Flexi 2 gate in to graphic env out, not getting a gate signal from the louder sections from Flexi 1 tho?

  • @ChildOfTheCornDog You can adjust the threshold by the offset amount. -.01 is a very low threshold, -.2 is much higher etc.

    Here's my version with 2 Flexis.

  • Thanks 🙏 I’ll check it out! This new version you’ve called ‘end of sample trig’, is this different to the threshold gate and more like Morphagene EOSG out?

  • I don't know the Morphagene. What does it do?

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    Has bunch of tricks :) One of them’s the EOSG socket spits out a gate trigger at end of every sample (splice) cycle (which you can modulate via the various splice/reel related inputs).

  • This video’s pretty good overview. But + some firmware updates since then..

  • I didn't watch the whole video but it looks like a workaround necessary for the Eurorack module that isn't necessary when using Flexi in Drambo because here you have a lot more control.

  • Dunno...Gate out at end of each splice feels more like a feature than a workaround 🤷‍♂️

    Morphagene’s one of those instruments that’s kinda hard to translate the organic/workflow side in videos...Hoping D or Mirack bring something similar down the line 🤞

  • Agreed, a developer building a Morphagene module for VCV and miRack looks like the way to go.

    I've often requested more recording controls and dedicated gate inputs in Flexi but apart from that, I think that Drambo has most of the necessary building blocks on board already to replicate Morphagene's most relevant functions.

    @bcrichards has built a fantastic granulator, Flexi has slices that can be played in gate mode, gate stop can trigger new samples and slices and because D includes sequencers, everything can be controlled in time.

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