Public Testflight

Is there a way to get the beta, I heard that there is some special Atom integration coming up.. ?

I promise I will stop to post in KNOWN ISSUES !



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    @mbncp01, the beta you want to be on for this is the Atom 2 beta. Without saying anything I shouldn't, I can confirm that GREAT things are coming and don't depend on Drambo updates. I suggest PM'ing Blueveek on the Audiobus forum. He will probably be happy to have you on the beta.

  • @number37

    Thanks, I'm already on it :)

    But where do you get all this info about things to come ?

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    The changes of which I speak are already in the latest Atom 2 TestFlight build and already work in Drambo. Check it out! PM me if it’s not apparent what I’m talking about.

  • How did I miss that ? I did read it but not fully understood it, to tired, doing to many things, and finally forgot about it, but this is da bomb 😎

    Thanks @number37 , this will be a beautiful Sunday !

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