Drambo within Drambo

I’ve been experimenting with Drambo within Drambo.

I’ve tried an idea which was to adapt rs2000’s Loop Launcher v1

to see if it would launch dRambo as an auv3.

It does.

In time.

This means that we can launch entire dRambo only projects

from within dRambo as clips including all of the samples.

The key to using this is to switch host sync off in the dRambo auv3 and to

make Transport ,’momentary’, in the midi mapping menu of the dRambo auv3.

Here’s a screenshot.


  • Drambo within dRambo loses sync over time when triggered using this method

    as it needs to be disconnected from Host sync for it be used as a ”clip” launcher.

    To solve the timing drift, I thought to send a reset signal of some sort every 16 or 32 beats.

    I decided to use the ’Graphic Modulator’ and ’Graphic shaper’ modules to solve this problem.

    It seems to have stopped the drift.

    Here’s a screenshot.

  • Would you please send the "problematic" project to @giku if not done already @Gravitas?

  • edited April 22

    It’s not a problematic project. 😏

    Drambo within dRambo automatically syncs to host.

    Transport is locked to Host as Transport is global?

    The thing is I want to launch drambo auv3 as a clip.

    Transport wont start/stop because it’s synced to host.

    So I switched off host sync in the drambo auv3 and triggered the drambo auv3 using a CC message.

    This is all well and good but inevitably drambo within drambo

    will lose sync because dRambo isn’t locked to global sync because of case use.

    So how do I trigger the dRambo auv3 as clip launcher when it’s disconnected from global Transport?

    My method is to send a very quick start/stop message every 16 or 32 steps using a CC message.

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