Help me filter out midi notes based on velocity

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I’m trying to build a Drambo rack that rejects notes in a particular velocity range.

For example, reject any MIDI notes that are above 100 velocity... or only accept notes between 30-60 velocity.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how I could do this?

...I can’t help feeling there must be an obvious solution that I’m missing somehow

Thanks in advance!


  • Try using the Graphic Shaper module.

    All of the velocities below 64 have been filtered out in the following example.

    Velocity out from the ,’Gate+Velocity’, sequencer into the

    ‘Graphic Shaper’, module and then into the Midi Note Generator.

    Here’s a screenshot of the shape in the ,’Graphic Shaper’.

  • For a 30-60 velocity range then you’d be looking at a shape more like this.

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    Nice work, thanks @Gravitas

    I had a feeling it involved the graphic shaper, but couldn’t visualise the signal path.

    out of interest - what job is the gate + cv sequencer performing in this rack?


  • No problem.

    Have fun.


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    @tk32 Here's an alternative solution you might like

    The Graphic Shaper converts the input velocity into a logic level (0 or 1), which gates the note gate (AND). The MIDI Note Gen uses this modified Gate and only produces note with accepted velocities. The first monitor shows the input velocities: 108, 91, 73, 54, 42, 22. The second monitor shows the output velocities. Picking up from the 108, they are 91, 73, 22. 54 and 42 are missing. One little catch is that the GS works in CV levels 0..1, and velocity is in 0..127. I converted your range of 30..60 to 0.24.. 0.47. The GS looks like this

    Before I realized this, I put the breakpoints at 30% and 60%, and couldn't figure why it didn't work correctly. Gotta watch these little things.

    Edit: oops, you want to only accept 30..60. I'll fix that...

  • Corrected example, only allows velocities 30-60. Shortcut using logic Negate to save changing the GS.

    Only a couple got through; pretty hard to get velocity on the built-in keyboard.

  • Thank you @uncleDave

    this solution is very elegant indeed

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    One quick question for you @uncleDave

    When I use your technique in my own racks, increasing polyphony above 1 results in exponentially louder notes.

    Is this a limitation of your solution, or am I missing something?

    EDIT: problem resolved, it was my fault (of course)

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