Importing Drambo .drmodule files from the Patchstorage site

I'm hoping this article from my website will be useful.

I searched the forum but I couldn't find any useful/updated information on importing .drmodule files into Drambo from the patchstorage website. Apologies if what I've written is already general knowledge! Please let me know.

Here's the link. Includes a video.


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    @rogp Which iOS version are you running?

    Downloading with Safari and tapping on the downloaded file should open Drambo, showing a file browser that lets you choose where to store the .drmodule.

  • iOS ver 14.4.2

    Thanks. Yes that does work if tap on the download icon (missed that initially) at the top of Safari after tapping the red download button in patchstorage. It's definitely a simpler method.

    I'll change my article to Alternative download method!

  • Welcome to the forum by the way 😊

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