Drambo & settings for ableton Link sync via macbook

Hi all,

I’m having issues with my iPad linked to my laptop via USB. The Audio MIDI setup is working fine and I can send midi and receive audio to ableton, but can’t seem to get ableton link to recognise and connect to Drambo.

Drambo will make the ableton link to other iPad apps (ie gadget & model D).

Also if I open Gadget, that works fine with ableton link sync.... in fact this also enables Drambo to be seen by Ableton link and sync with macbook... but can’t seem to set up Drambo to do this standalone!?

Is this a glitch with me or Drambo?

thanks y’all


  • Have you set Drambo standalone to access ,'Local Network'?

    You should be able to find it in the iPad settings.

  • Woohooo

    I have now!!!

    Thanks so much.... Of course the only settings I hadnt checked!

  • Brilliant.

    No problem.

    Glad that assisted. :)

  • Now I'm trying to get my head around best way to synchronise the midi clock and get rid of the audio input delay

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    Forget midi clock and use abelton link

    They just need to be in same wlan network

    no hustle at all

  • My main DAW is Ableton, and have a push 2, but with a young daughter and twins on the way, so time ‘in the studio’ is less and less.

    Love having Drambo as the iPad is so portable, I can dive in here and there when I find a moment.

    I guess the ideal is to have the ability to sync with ableton, and capture Drambo loops into the ableton clips or jams to the arrangement recorded in sync.

    Have a bit of a jam on Drambo, like a drum machine and capture syncronised chunks on ableton that are perfect loops so easy to build into a more finished track.

    If I manage to get it working well, then I’m also way more inclined to invest more time building synths and doing sound design on Drambo, then to play Drambo as an external synth in ableton, via Push 2 for scale mode and/or using Drambo to sequence etc.

    I did get it working through ableton Link, but the clock wasn’t always stable so some timing was off... possibly this was due to using my home internet WIFI, next I’ll try creating a local network from the Macbook, for the session as I think I read that can be more stable. Though, as its already wired via USB, maybe I should just be using ‘network session’

  • LINK usually works fine if the WiFi signal is strong enough and you don't have much traffic on your WiFi net, but a local "create network" from the Mac should be better for sure.

    In my setup LINK worked well enough but another option is to get the Sonobus AU/Mac and the Sonobus AUv3 beta for iOS from Sonobus.net, stream audio from iPad to Ableton, record there and adjust the clip start position manually. Not a live jam though.

    Another thing you can do is put more preparation work and use Drambo's built-in WebDAV server to transfer files from Live to Drambo's sample storage. With a bit of commandline scripting on the Mac and with Flexi preset templates on Drambo, you could build a semi-automatic sample (or sub mix or freeze audio file) transfer from Live to Drambo and just load these into Flexi to play with your project.

  • thanks for the tips,

    shall give both of these a go... Sonobus looks great, have been looking for a decent way to record and share audio with friends 👍

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    Latency and jitter are a serious issue with SonoBus. It’s better over wired Ethernet, but still has latency even when working on a local device not going through a network at all. I’ve not found it practical for my uses.

    Whenever I read these discussions my first thought is why bother with trying to sync at all when rendering to audio file then air-dropping between the devices is so quick and easy? No setup. No wires. No timing issues. And it takes literally seconds.

    Sure, if you’re using the iPad as a sound module while composing live on the Mac, but even then I’d use iDAM.

    I’m not putting down how people like to work but it does make me wonder whether people have weighed the real time savings and results vs. just copying files as needed via airdrop.

  • I haven't tried but planning to use Sonobus to record, share and receive audio from a pal who plays the sax and were going to try some remote production.... will be super easy as it seems I can send the start of a track, he can listen and play along also he can simply record through this phone as doesn't have any suitable software.

    After lots of fiddling I think I've found a good stable setup with the iPad to Ableton. I'm using IDAM MIDI host for clock, It syncs within the first bar of playing.

    Problem is in Drambo I need to set the MIDI IN CLOCK OFFSET to 49ms.... but it's not there!!!

    Thought I was going mad for a minute... but it's missing.

    Will this get picked up here or do I need to notify somehow?

  • Go to 'Settings' and scroll down.

    'Midi in Clock offset', is there I do believe.

  • @tededd If you haven't yet set up the remote jam session over internet, remember that you might need some fiddling with the WiFi router for both parties to see each other via a public IP address and a dedicated UDP port to communicate. If each machine in your local net isn't directly reachable from the internet, you'll have to set up 1:1 host to port mappings for bidirectional address translation.

  • Yes thanks, have found and adjusted the Midi clock offset slider, but the strange thing is I can set to 48ms or 50ms, but ideally I need 49ms and for some strange reason it's missing, must be a bug?

  • Indeed the slider is a bit short but for now you can use Accessibility Zoom to adjust the slider to 49ms more easily.

  • Seemingly not on my iPad, smallest increment on the slider jumps from 48-50, missing 49. 

    Well its not really an issue! Just glad it was the iPad not me!!!

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