Map 2 midi buttons as +/- to alter any parameter ?

Is there anyway to do incremental change to a parameter knob/fader using 2 buttons as + and - with defined incremental values.

I have buttons on my midi controller I would like to use as such. Any 2 bottons could act as a knob or fader.Even

@giku Even if this is possible using current modules, I think a new dedicated module doing so would be very handy,


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    Yes, Drambo supports incremental MIDI CC values and that's exactly what you're asking for.

    In your case (+1 / -1), start with values 65 on one button to increment and 63 on the other button to decrement the MIDI CC number of your choice and make sure to select the correct "Incremental" MIDI controller mapping in Drambo.

  • Thanks! Late D session...had it under my nose the whole time 🤦‍♂️

  • Well, I called victory too soon.

    If I get it right, we basically need to remap our midi controller so 2 different buttons will send the same CC at 2 different values.

    Not very practical unfortunately since midi devices editor are usually only available on pc and mac, not ios.


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    Sounds like you need a better MIDI controller.

    Or use a MIDI processor app to modify the messages to fit.

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