Hands-on Drambo game control

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I've just tried a small handheld Bluetooth game controller as a Bluetooth remote keyboard in Drambo and after setting the correct mode, it works! 😍

Power it on, hold "@" and "B" on the controller and start MIDI learn in Drambo.

I've mapped tap tempo to D (bottom), loop mode to C (top), play to B (left), record to A (right) and switching between scene A and B is joystick down.


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  • Bought! I see there is also one with dual joystick and a phone holder in the middle which should allow to have the headphone jack exposed enough to plug a jack in. Or hold vertically to have lightning port exposed to!

  • I dont know that one @supadom.

    The key to joy is the switchable operating modes on the one I've tried. If you don't mind the £20 then why not try 😊

  • The one I bought is the size of a large key fob and also has two modes but not sure how it’s gonna work in practice. Where did you get yours?

    I generally prefer everything being accessible directly without the need to move between modes so actually the double joystick looks more appealing, including the flat form factor.

    The only problem I see is that unsecured BT connection on stage would likely lead to interference issues.

  • @supadom

    Searching for "joystick bluetooth remote control" on ebay should pop a few up. They should look like the one I've posted, just to be sure (either white or black).

    Interference is a good point. I can't promise anything 😉

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