Drambo Update 1.5

Somebody heard about it ? What is in the pipe ?


  • I came here with the question on my mind as well. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the thread title haha.

  • Same! “Yes! Oh. Meh”

    Not to worry, I’ve still got lots to discover!

  • One of the highlights: Morph module.

    Lets you modulate all knobs including the ones without the triangle.

    Very much like a macro knob.

    Loving it on previously inaccessible modal resonator module controls.

  • Ah, and the track speed is finally back!! Although I thought I’d use it more.

    Am I talking too much? 😬

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  • I’m still just holding out for the MIDI assignable sequencer buttons before I break down and buy Elektron stuff…

  • That's awesome. This will come in handy for Comb / Waveguide feedback amount :))

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    I’m not even sure how that would work without a custom controller, is there a 16 button latching led backlit bidirectional midi controller on the market? It would be absolutely awesome, like ripping the sequencer buttons and LEDs straight off an octatrack. You could even put a crossfader on it and it wouldn’t be that expensive to build but I don’t know if giku would go to the effort for maybe one person to use it…unless one were to procure the parts and produce a collaborative diy kit…..

  • @JAYB Indeed, most are using Drambo on the iDevice directly and bidirectional MIDI needs some considerable development work to get it right.

    It's planned but there are so many core features on the list as well that it may be a better idea to get used to the touch screen and MIDI control without LED feedback.

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    Agreed, we’re so used to rapid fire updates that we often forget that mr Beep needs food and toilet breaks to function. Let alone spending time with kids and going on holidays.

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  • Well, that clenches it. Just ordered a DT and DN thanks to the Sweetwater 10% off sale.

  • Getting used to MIDI control without LED feedback, oh well… The truth hurts. 😥

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    It is feasible to get drambo to send knob values on project load to a midi controller, which provides some level of feedback. I have a custom setup going with my apc 40 that works great. If you go down this route, your best bet is to create your own starter drambo project with all these mappings, as you will not want to redo them.

    Here are some thoughts on this from my experience (maybe someone has a better technique):

    • You'll need to create a cc generator per mapping (attached to your controlling knob/button module), to send the starting value from your controller to drambo. Drambo will send all the values on load which is great.
    • If you don't disable the midi cc generators after loading, you'll possibly generate midi feedback between your controller and drambo. The technique I used to disable midi was to hook up a special "kill" knob that would send a value that disabled sending midi. This was hooked up to 6 delay modules to give drambo time to send its initial state. Problematically, if you turn the midi off via a normal drambo module (eg midi filter or chance module), drambo will automatically send note off values which messes up the state of a midi controller. My technique for this was to disable the midi with a streambyter script that would turn itself off as soon as it got a certain midi cc.

    I've ended up with a project with tens of midi cc generators and other cruft, but it works great. I ran into some weirdness setting the value of momentary midi controller buttons, but I forget what. Maybe at some point I'll write up something more formal (I'm on vacation right now myself).

    Hope this helps someone and it isn't just a pile of chaos 🤪

  • @quartzite Thanks for the tip, could you possibly share your Drambo project for the APC 40? Even though I don’t have one, perhaps I can read the manual and figure out what you did to make it all work…

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