Light up buttons on launch control XL.

So I read somewhere on the internet of things that pads/buttons on launch control XL can be lit up if they are sent a note that they are assigned to in the editor.

I’ve just quickly tried it with midi out pointed at XL but had no luck making it work.

Anyone’s had any success with this? Is it actually possible? It would be grand to have a visual feedback with mutes.



  • Ok, so I got it to work by sending the note back to the controller. The problem now is that as soon as that note is learned to a mixer/sequencer function it is excluded and seems no longer to be sent to the track and the pad doesn’t get the message anymore. The same goes for CC messages.

    Could there be a way around this hive mind?

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    I’ve just tried to do this on the master track but still, as soon as I midi learn the CC it is no longer allowed through.

    Is this a bug or is it done to stop function messages from interfering with the track? If so perhaps this should be exclusive to notes but not to Cc messages? @giku

  • However when midi learn is removed the midi message is still disabled which I guess is a bug 🐛

  • @giku This seems to be in line with the cleanup issue after deleting a module. Also, what's the blocking logic with MIDI learn?

  • So, yes, when midi message is used to control a knob (mapped) it's blocked for further processing. (a natural logic ;)

  • @supadom I wonder what exactly you're trying to achieve because sending note data to toggle LEDs wouldn't interfere with incoming CC or notes.

  • Theoretically you may map a knob and then connect it's output to MIDI CC generator with the same CC number

  • I’m trying to map a toggle button sending cc to mute tracks and forward the same message back to the controller to turn the led on and off. As soon as the cc is mapped the message no longer reaches the controller.

  • I’ll try that instead of trying to map mutes in mixer.

  • Hard to know what you're doing without seeing it. What you describe doesn't work without external loopback.

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    Here's what I consider necessary without native controller suport:

    The zip contains the animated gif, display is broken on the forum here.

  • Cool, thanks @rs2000 this is working!

  • I’ve updated to the latest beta and the buttons on my launch control XL aren’t illuminating anymore! @giku

  • Scrap that. Restarted the device, it is working now.

  • Encouraged by the success of lighting the pads for mutes i today proceeded to make the button I use as record button to light red. I eventually managed it by sending a CC85message of a value 15 which stands for red.

    So it does work when transport is stopped but when transport starts it stays lit and want turn off at all until I stop the transport.

    Any ideas what could be the cause? I’ve tried to change the channel and the CC thinking maybe it is receiving some conflicting message from somewhere else but the problem persists. @rs2000 @giku

  • @supadom Like said, supporting LED feedback before Drambo supports it natively can easily become a dirty, inconvenient, limited and laborious hack. D doesn't even know about what you send to the controller so every status change has to be done by yourself and since D has no status monitor modules either, it will always be some kind of "blind trip" until D supports it out of the box.

  • Fair enough, I thought that once a workaround works it is reliable. No biggie

  • Just found it strange that it works with mutes but not with transport. It’s the same cc message, the only thing that’s different is velocity.

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    Stick a midi monitor before whatever you’re sending out to the LC XL and one afterwards.

    Here’s a screenshot for a switch I’m putting together for the LC XL that will light up the pads.

    Note that the incoming midi is on Ch 9 and after the midi generator is added

    the midi notes automatically switch to Ch 1.

    It may well be the same for the cc messages.

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    This works to light up the pads and keep the lights on until pressed again.

    Here it is with added note filter.

    I’ll see if I can do one with cc messages as well.

  • Does it? If you hit a mute button on screen, will the status be reflected on the Launchpad?

    Like with the mutes, you'd have to maintain your own transport state in your remote controlled project and hope that it won't go out of sync under any condition.

    What you could do of course is to have constant status colors on the pads, simply indicating the button functionality and watch the iPad screen for actual transport status. It's easier to watch small symbols than to hit them precisely with your finger.

  • @rs2000 if the mute button on screen sends a midi message then

    yes, it would not reflect on the LaunchPad or the LaunchControl XL

    otherwise no it doesn’t.

    The switches in the screenshots are for straight forward lights for on/off.

    As I don’t know how to use the cc coming in as a switch at the moment

    I simply mapped the cc message to a Trigger module and then used

    a cc generator to send the signal back out to the LC XL.

    Exact same principle I used for the LP X except with the LP X projects

    I modified your Loop Launcher to get the lights switching on and off

    in time with the audio or midi clips that I was launching.

    Here’s the one for cc messages.

  • @supadom

    This template has all of the switches for the LC XL mapped

    and set to light up the pads.

    It’s for the Factory defaults channel 9-16.

    All you have to do is change the midi channel out on the midi module.

    The cc ones (send select/track select) need to be remapped when changing midi channel.

    It’s a bit rudimentary at the moment but I will neaten it up before I post it up on patchstorage.

  • Sorry guys I’m out of town but will check this when I’m back. Cheers

  • No it doesn’t light up if I tap mute on the screen.

    It all seems to be synced up alright in terms of stuff lighting up and if the state is off sync when I open the project the bits that are out of sync ‘wait’ one more press until it is. No complaints there. :)

  • There’s nothing coming out other than the midi from my rec mapped button and it operates on its own exclusive midi channel that’s why I’m puzzled why this works when the transport is not running but just lights up but won’t turn off when it is. @giku ?

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    I’ve just tried this in standalone with no other midi routings/mappings and behaviour is the same so that’s something do do with Drambo itself.

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