Multiple outputs from Instrument Rack? Or other solution?

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I think I know the answer already but wanted to check in case I'm missing something. Is it possible to connect more than one CV output from an instrument rack?

The reason I'm asking is I'm using eight CC Modulators mapped to the knobs on a NanoKEY Studio. Placing these on each track allows me to easily control anything I like using those knobs for the active track. They become like macro knobs, which is just what I wanted.

It would be much more compact and convenient if these could be put into an instrument rack. But if I do that I only have access to the single output of the rack, not the individual modules.

I'm just wondering if there's any way to achieve the advantages of a rack in this scenario.


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    The most that is possible is 2 CV or 2 audio outputs. The way to do so is with the L/R to Stereo module feeding the instrument rack's output. The 2 CVs can then be split outside the rack with the Stereo to L/R module.

    What I would do is cut and paste the CC modulators to outside the rack. Not pretty, but at least it saves you from creating the same 8 CC Modulators over and over again. Then you can hide them with the Section module when you're ready to perform.

    Multi-output racks is something I greatly wish for also. Built a lot of sequencers, loopers and drum machines that would benefit from multi-out.

  • Thanks @aleyas - that pretty much nails it. It's not too much trouble to just have a track template with the 8 CC modulators set up on it, then to copy/paste. What I mostly was after was the ability to collapse it all down, and the Section module was the missing piece. 😎❤️

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