Vinnie Sage - 32 step input sequencer 4 dRambo

'Vinnie Sage' is a 32 step input sequencer that uses

dRambo, an idevice, a LaunchPad X and a LaunchControl XL

to create a performance instrument which comprises

of a 3 part drum machine and a pitch playable 4th part.

'Vinnie Sage' has a delay section (Send A) which has a 'Delay rack' with

independent left and right 'Buffer rescan's' an 'Analog Filter' into a

'Repeat and Hold' section culminating in a 'FlexiSampler' to record and save

either the 'Delays with Buffer rescan' or the 'Repeat Hold' amongst other uses.

'Vinnie' has two different reverbs on Send B and 4 x 'Stutters' in series.

When used together with a midi foot pedal it also has

4 audio loopers set to automatic play after recording.

There are another four FlexiSampler's waiting in reserve.

The recording length time dependant upon the length of the Pattern.

Compression and Saturation complete tonal shaping

with an overall compressor for Mastering.

Here's the LaunchControl XL map for Vinnie Sage

More to follow.


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