Drambo cant import

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I’m trying to import from icloud, but its not working.

Lately i was downloading Ben Richard’s “ CZ simple” project

from Patchstorage to my icloud.

When opening the project, the project ask for location of instrument preset, i just pointing to Drambo “factory” location, after that, nothing happens. (clicking save dosent help).

Clearly their is a bug with Drambo, because the problems

occurs on my Iphone Pro 12 max, Ipad pro 2018, Iphone 7 plus, same problems.

except from this problems, i am able to create , change, modify, save project , instrument preset, etc..

Drambo actually works perfect with most things, but not import , export, from icloud, and my god, i tried every thing.

It’s so anoying.


  • Oooh, how stupid of me, very imberressing, i fought Ben Richard’s “Cz simple”, was a project, its not, its a instrument.

    I just opened it as instrument in Drambo, working perfect,


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