Multitracking from iPad to Mac

I am trying to multitrack from Drambo into Ableton (on a mac). I'd ideally also like to be able to set up some sends from Ableton into Drambo. From what I've found, it seems like the iConnectivity route may be the way to go? The new 4c looks like it could do 4 stereo tracks to and from ableton/drambo (minus one from the computer going to the monitors). It looks like there is still support for iConfig which allows more customization than Auracle but I am worried that it won't see support for long since getting it to work on newer macos is already a little wonky.

Is there any other options that folks have had success with? Maybe I'm being greedy but I would love to be able to send 8 stereo tracks if possible.

I've looked into Studiomux but it seems that folks have had some issues, though I haven't tried it myself. Would the Motu AVB interface work for this? I'll take what I can get at this point, hardware/software. Whatever is most reliable as I'm hoping to use it in performance settings. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


  • Hardware is likely to be more reliable and less latency and CPU usage than Studiomux. That said, the new version is fairly good.

    Sorry, I don’t have any input on what hardware works well. I’m too cheap for that, and far prefer just to export stems than live tracking anyway.

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    I would say the Audio 4c is a good choice. I've run iConfig on my mac running Catalina with no issues (so I expect it'll work in OS 11 as well). I have an Audio 4+ which is practically the same as a 4c.

    I think you should be able to get more than 4 stereo channels out your iPad to the Mac with how the routings work. You can configure the device to have more connections going from iPad to Mac and less from Mac to iPad (they both use the same "pool" of connections). I can't remember the max... but I think it might be 14 mono or 7 stereo connections?

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