One track drums individual effect send

Most of my drums are built on a one track using layers mixer module. I love the idea of it being nice and compact without the need to scroll to make changes.

I wanted to send individual layers to an effects track but I’m struggling with it.

It looks like if need an audio splitter with a blend knob that I could put between the last module of the layer and two destinations: layers mixer and effects track input. Is there such a module or is there any other way of doing it?



  • Mixer => Layers is probably what you're looking for.

  • recrec
    edited October 2021

    Layers module gives you access to individual Layers (vs Layers Mixer which sums them into single output).

    Then you can send these individual layers to your send/return tracks… on which the mixer receives input from track input - ‘Audio in’ to be used for the rest of your tracks (send per usual) as well as dial in the amount from the layer ‘1’.

    Edit: also the first mixer (track on the top) to sum individual layers, just like Layer mixer would do.

  • recrec
    edited October 2021

    There are different ways to set it up, depending how/where do you prefer to have access to dial in send amount (on the instrument track vs on the send/return fx track - the later one is the example above).

  • Ah cool, thanks @rs2000 and @rec

    I didn’t realise that layers modules had separate outputs. Brilliant!

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