Launch Graphic Modulator with note played

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Hello everyone.

I want to know if is possible to launch the graphic modulator when key is played but it must be stop when key is released?

I try to connect it in gate and the clock node of the graphMod above the module but not working.

I can connect the gate node of modulator into the intrument rack gate node, the modulator start with a note, but it is not stoped when key is released.

Thank you !


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    You could feed its output into an Amp Env AD with Sustain, short Attack and Decay. That will cut off the output when the key is released. Connect them both to the note gate. The note start will reset the Graphoc Modulator, and the Env AD will cut off on release.

  • Funny you're asking that @Meddy64 just a few hours that I've stumbled over the same thing.

    I was missing a gate, sustain and 1-shot mode on the Graphic Modulator and gate mode on the Graphic Env too that will let it jump to the sustain line as soon as the key is released.

    What you can do now: Use the Graphic Modulator in conjunction with the Graphic Env switched by an X-Fader so you have completely separate envelopes for key-on and key-off:

  • Thanks for your response, very useful!!

    @uncleDave, i have do this before, but the fact that the modulation and the note does not stop does not go with what I want to do

    @rs2000, your patch is very instructive for me.

    In my case, i use the graphic env alone (I had never seen or used it before ... haha)

    The goal of that is to make a neurofunk synth. Yesterday, i watch a serum tuto about that, and i tought we could do this in Drambo.

    The patch in serum is playing much with an env on 10 or more parameter (eq, filter, waveform position, etc etc) in my opinion it will be possible to do the same, with layer and a bit of patience haha!

    On the other hand, I will use the x fader in another way, to develop two vco at the same time for example, it gave me some ideas

    This this is a draft of the final patch, to test the capacity of the env.

    Thanks :) I may post the final patch as soon as I have time!!

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    Oooh that patch sounds enormous just by looking at it 😄

    Sure, looking forward to hear and see your art! 👍🏼

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