Unwanted slew (lag) on pitchbend.

I have been using Drambo as sound source for my Linnstrument for some time, but I have become increasingly aware of the slew (aka smoothing) that for some reason is applied to pitchbend. And there is unfortunately not a parameter to set for the user.

You would probably not notice this for "traditional" use of pitchbend, but with an MPE instrument pitchbend easily becomes an extremely important matter.

When I make a fast and wide vibrato, the slew on Drambos pitchbend results in a much narrower vibrato than if done at a slow rate.

Also when e.g. making a long fast glide up to a note, it is quite noticable how the "arrival" on the high note is delayed a bit.

I assume that this is something that has been done intentionally from a "data thinning" perspective, but I can´t see why it should not be something that the user can disable if needed. (And none of my other apps have such a laggy pitchbend response.)


  • Lars
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