Midi cc modulation -- hardware vs sequencer?

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When I want to send automation (say filter cutoff) via cc on Xequence to Drambo (between apps) I can use midi learn to set up modulation on the controls directly.

However, I tried sending filter cutoff cc using hardware (a foot controller), it didn't work until I added a cc modulation module in the rack.

Could someone explain? I like the Xequence behavior better if it's an option...

(Note: I will try midi routing via AUM instead of directly later.)



  • recrec
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    Make sure you have the hardware controller port enabled for ‘CONTROL’ in the settings.

    It’s probably only enabled for ‘TRACK’ atm, hence the port is available for tracking, but not for ‘CONTROL‘ (midi learn) functionality.

  • That worked! Thanks! Seems like local apps default to control, but not so with outside hardware.

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