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  • ok, i allso think, halion has 2048 frames, cant remember, but it should have.

    I wish i had serum, but dont have the money now.

  • Fyi @henrikh2021, if you don't have a good audio editor yet, I can recommend Ocenaudio at

    I've used it for cutting to exactly 2048 samples, resampling a seamless loop to 2048 samples, appending multiple frames into one wavetable etc.

  • Great, thanks rs2000.

    I fought it was for for mac, well i have a mini mac corei5 2011, i think it is el capitan.

    Otherwise, i can use it on my pc, windows 7.

    Hope its save to download, i know, i am hysterical when it comes to download on pc, even fought i have norton.

  • I know its not about me, but rather give something to the community, something everybody can benefits from.

    I am allso trying to make some alternative version patches of the Roland D50, the D50 is so incredible, and i will have a look at the Roland JD800, one of my dream synth.

    Thanks, to Ben Richard tutorials, i am able to create pretty advanced drambo patches.

    I am allso trying to make a fake acoustic guitar with the waveguide, but has’nt been able to reproduce any good result, do the exstreme complex nature of a acoustic guitar.

    When i am trained enough, i will try to push drambo to its limits in some area.

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    lots of patches from d 50 and jd 800 jv 1080 are from Eric Persing (Omnisphere / spectrasonics) ;)

    he used to be sounddesigner @ Roland

  • Eric Persing is very talented guy.

  • I still have a jv880 sound module, but it was not startung up, battery low, and buttons dosent work, so i desidet open the damn thing and used a high pressure contact air spray, cleaned every thing, changed battery, after that resetting to factory setting, now every thing works perfect with jv880, execpt the display, its a little bit dim.

    Audio is clear.

  • These 24x2 LCD displays like in the JV-880 with backlight should be cheap and easy to find.

    Here's one with white font on blue background, like in the Kurzweils 😉

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    Damn, Halion does not have the ability to export wavtable as wave file (.wav)!.

    The only way is to, render audio as file (.wav), but then, you will loose wavtable frame information , etc.

    So i will be needing the the wave editor tools, provider by rs2000, in this post!.

    Hmmm, this gonna take some times, before i can make any


    Never tried to make wavtable from scratch, related to

    exporting and preparing to wavtable file.

    Halion does have the ability to export frames / wavetables, but in its own strange format, and i dont know if there is any free tools out there, that can convert from halion wavtable format to plain .wav file format or atleast serum format, l’ve will need to do some research on this subject.

  • @henrikh2021 Could you send me a file in this "strange format" so I can have a look?

  • Offcourse, but i need to switch on my pc, load halion and remake this wavtable, i will only takes a few minutes.

    (did delete wavtable last night!)

    the actually recording is a audio file, with a , out of pitch violin playing, when messing around with this audio file and do resynthesis in halion, halion will produce a beautyfull new sound, anyway i will export it very soon, first i need a cup of tea, its cold outside, ha ha.

    The deleted wavetable file should have been one octave lower, and its full of artifacts, ohh well, i learn more every day, regarding wavtable export.

    Anyway, i will try again.

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    Halion 6 export or should i say save the wavtable to

    this format, which is not strange, below


    I dont think you can export directly to wav i halion,

    anyway here is the file zipped and a picture of halion saving wavtable.

    the only solution is to render to audio.

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