New hardware sequencer from Squarp: Hapax.

A new MPE-capable hardware sequencer at a premium price.

It brings a few nice MIDI functions.

No velocity or pressure sensitive pads though 🤔


  • I noticed that they have a velocity mode similar to MPCs 16 levels. I can’t really imagine playing with velocity in mind on those tiny pads.

    The algorithmic composing tools really interest me though. And I’m also curious if Project A and B can interact with each other in any unique or creative ways, e.g. midi crossfading, ping pong, splicing, etc.

  • Ah here’s the pic

    Still curious what finger drumming would be like with pads these size.

  • I think finger-drumming could work especially if you group same type of sounds on a 2x2 grid.

    This way you'd get a 'semi random' sound when you hit the 'target area' with your finger.

    This 'method' works quite well in BM3 when using the on-screen pads in 64-pad mode where 4 pads have the same size as one big pad.

  • Hm, I wouldn’t mind if my computer keyboard would spit out velocity. Re tiny keys

  • @aleyas

    For finger drumming with pads that size?

    It looks like a nightmare.

    Pads the size of the Launchpad just about work as a balance between

    size and playability for me, anything smaller is annoying. Sorry if that offends anyone.

    It does look great for playing melodic lines and setting up chords etc

    and obviously all the other stuff triggering of cc messages etc.

    Someone one will love it though and turn it into a great finger drumming instrument.

    I’d rather get a drum kit. 😁

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