Does importing a sample copy it or reference it?


  • Copy.

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    Then this is an odd question so bare with me. If I add a folder of samples and then use one of those samples in drambo and save the track, then say I want to put a new sample in that original folder, if I delete the folder in drambo and then re-ad it so that it contains the new sample with the drambo set that referenced a sample in that folder from the previous save be able to locate the sample? Its still there but its not the original. Does that make sense?

    edit: theres probably a way simpler way to ask that question lol.

  • To my knowledge it references it. I. Imported large folders from the files app. Storage I for reports Drambo increases, but overall iPad storage remains the same.

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    If u delete the sample folder in drambo

    u will end up with lots of missing sample messages in your project

    u delete it and add it again?

    nothing bad happens, same path , same name — will load as expected

    never change locations of samplefolders or sample names ;)

    to make absolutely sure you will never miss a sample u can save the project with all the samples that belong to the project, now u can open the project on different devices that don’t have the samples…

  • A side note: If you're using WebDAV for file management, new or copied files will occupy additional space.

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