Touch area for keyboard sidebar buttons, smaller than icons in landscape mode, on iPhone SE 2

This only applies to landscape mode, and doesn't happen on the iPad version. Found this one on the 2020 iPhone SE, running iOS 15.1.

Controls at the edges of the screen can be activated properly, except for the buttons on either side of the keyboard (in both piano keyboard and pad keyboard modes). These buttons can only be activated by tapping the "inner half" of them; the half closest to the center of the screen.

The one exception to this, is the "Toggle Piano Roll View" button, which does work properly. (The "Show/Hide Keyboard" button on the right side of the screen does exhibit this bug.)


  • A little more info on how to reproduce:

    1. Open the standalone Drambo on an iPhone SE 2. You can open it with the device already in landscape orientation, or tilt the device to landscape orientation immediately upon opening the app.
    2. Tap the icon at the top right of the bottom tab, the one with the icon that looks like <---> flipped 90 degrees. Tap the right side of it. Do not drag it, only tap it.
    3. You will notice that button does not activate. Tap the left side, and it will activate.
    4. Next, try tapping the other nearby buttons. Only the left side of the buttons will activate.
    5. Drag that same double sided vertical arrow icon upward.
    6. Now the buttons should work normally. Now they can be activated from the edges of the screen.
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