Pattern speed (clock division)? [SOLVED]

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N00b here. I've searched aplenty but can't seem to find an answer. I suspect I don't know the right words yet. Sorry if this is repeated noise!

Is it possible to play a pattern on a given track at a division/multiple of the master clock rate?

For example:

  1. Two tracks
  2. Each track has a pattern with 16 notes
  3. Track 1's pattern plays at 1X the clock speed (completes in one bar)
  4. Track 2's pattern plays at 0.5X the clock speed (completes in two bars)



  • Yep - select the pattern you'd like to alter and to the right of the Track Timeline (?) there's a notepad/pencil icon. This submenu lets you multiply/divide patterns as well as set pattern resolution.

  • Aha! Thanks so much @timelining. Even easier than I expected. 😅

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