How to polyphonic portamento

You can see in the pic how I've got it set up I think. CV glide works great in mono but if I do polyphonic patches it seems to ignore it altogether.


  • It’s hard to see how it’s routed when the rack is compacted :) but disconnecting the gate input from CV glide and then routing the regular midi to CV gate to whatever module need it (like an amp envelope) should do the trick.

    you could also use another module, like a slew limiter, to process the pitch from midi to cv for glide effects. Filters even work at very low frequencies (very minor glide effect).

  • I'm just wondering, which notes do you expect it to glide between? Sequential notes on the same voice? That could be pretty chaotic.

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    Idk how the notes are supposed to be handled but I know Ive played synths that have portamento when playing polyphonically. I just checked in the Electribe Wave app and can do it there. Im sure There’s way to do it in Drambo but so far nothing Ive tried seems to work.

    Edit: I haven’t yet tried the first suggestion of not patching gate to the Cv glide module. Will try later today.

  • You may also want to use first in last out for voice allocation mode under the midi to cv module (tap module for header). That way you can have up to 16 poly voices, but if you play a three note chord and then another one, those three notes will slide.

    the gate input makes it so that glide only works when you are holding a note and then trigger a new note.

    I guess you could still have the gate routed into cv glide…but you’d need to make sure you had a sustained chord, then without releasing, trigger a new chord (and use up all the voices, otherwise the voice won’t slide yet). So if you are playing just 4 note chords, use only four voices.

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