Micro Timing


micro timing would be great. It could be a module under steps.


  • +1 we have offset in the Note Step Component but ideally this would be bidirectional. Or better, Microtiming Left/Right added to the edit pads (this way we can apply to multiple steps at once and also to trigless p-locks).

  • Micro timing right here

  • The offset is nice but the gate time can not manually be set bellow 0.5 (= half step) but shorter gate-times can be recorded...

  • It would be great if offset could also be negative, so I could I have a step play ahead of time.

    I'd like to program custom swing, like samba, which goes something like this:

    So the 2nd step is delayed, while 4th step is ahead of time. I can do this if I double the tempo and use two steps, but then I can only go to 100bpm (since 200bpm is the tempo limit).

    Any workarounds?

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    You could put the early beat on the previous step and put the offset way up, or if you have something on every step increase polyphony and do the same with one of the notes

  • Thanks, but that’s what I meant by doubling the tempo, so I’d have two steps per beat.

    I realize my usage case is very niche, though, no big deal.

  • @denx nice tip on increasing polyphony, I didn’t think of that, thanks.

  • You don’t have to double the tempo, you put 2 midi notes on one step (a ‘chord’) and offset one. Tempo stays the same.

  • I’ll give it a try. Fun stuff!

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    hm, you could move everything with the delay a little back, have it straight with only a little delay, and infront of the beat with no delay ...

    but that doesn't really work if you want to sync it to something else

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    I can't see myself ever having the patience to manually change the timing on every step...

    Perhaps 'groove templates' might be a good alternative?

  • Groove templates would be dope! But there’s probably lots of other more important stuff higher up on Giku’s todo list.

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    move back is easy but move fwd is a little headache

  • Yes, even if in some countries folk would see it the other way around ;)

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    play track backwards would also be welcome ...

    play random step of track, trallala

    alternate ...


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    I know

    what I mostly miss now is play track with slower clock ;)

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    oh, there is a much easier solution

    move everything back with offset or delay

    when u don't move something back, its infront ;)

  • Thanks to all. But a postive and negative Option like on my sp-16 would be great.

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    Any new tricks on this subject, anyone? We have some great new tempo modulation options now, anyone still interested in micro-timing?

  • If you need it now, you can do that with the sequencer modules (CV and Gate+Velocity sequencers) and all generative modules that take a time signal as an input. It is under consideration to make the track sequencer modular as well but this would need more related changes so it'll certainly take some more time until it happens.

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    Following my experiences with samba swing (I mention samba at the beginning of this thread—in simplified terms, the 2nd beat is delayed, and the 4th beat plays ahead of time), and since time is just a number, I started modulating the time signal with a graphic shaper.

    This example is just a proof of concept, four beats only.

    The shaper goes something like this (step 2 is shifted right, step 4 is shifted left):


    And the resulting rack (best screenshot I could take showing the scopes):


    It’s not easy to see, but here’s an overlay of the scope when the Euclidean is connected to straight time (so, no samba):

    It sounds almost right, of course it's still a work in progress (gotta play with velocity besides timing, for more convincing results, for starters the 1st and 4th beats should be emphasized).

    Anyway, I have a couple of questions:

    First and foremost, how do I make this design 16 beats (4/4) without having to manually draw the graphic shaper times 4, like this:

    I think I can use the 4-beat shaper as master template and using some scale and offset get all 16 beats, but it’s too much math for this time of the morning.

    Second, and this is perhaps too much, but I would like to "shape the shaper", I mean having the shaper points fluctuate horizontally slightly every time, maybe half a “cell” left or right, for a more human feel. I think I can achieve that by stretching the whole shape horizontally, but more at the sides than at the center. Again too much math for now.

    Anyway, it’s a fun experiment, I thought I could share.


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    Wow @pedro, I love to see how far you've worked yourself through so far! 👍

    To answer your questions:

    1. That's quite simple actually. the trick is to have your cafe da manha first. See screenshot below
    2. Shaping the shaper can be as simple as adding an LFO (bipolar) with S&H ramp shape and adding its output to your processed time signal.

    The LFO is only to demo the time signal.

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    @rs2000 thanks a lot for the praise, the help and the good humor!

    And btw let me compliment you on your flawless portuguese! You just missed by a continent, here in Portugal it’s called “pequeno almoço” (little lunch). But hey, it’s the intention that counts 🙏😂

    Anyway yes! Subtracting from the quantized value to get the remainder gets me one step closer.

    I gonna try incorporating your idea into my design, but for now I need to go enjoy the sunshine ☀️

  • Agreed, bipolar offset would be great.

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