Start a switch button with general clock

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Hello there :)

I made a little video for a question i have:

i would like to understand how to activate the 2nd switch ( in the third track ) with the general clock, when i pressed play button launch it, and when i pressed again stop it.

i have tested some things but does not work i as i would like. Thanks !!


  • Hi Meddy,

    just to make sure I understand:

    When stopped, sw1 should be active and while transport is running, sw2 should be on?

  • Anyway, as I have seen this question a few times recently, here's a simple 'transport status' module that outputs a "high" signal as long as the transport is running.

  • Hi Rs2000, thanks!

    when i stopped the general clock, the switch is on 1, and when i start, it’s oscillate on 1 and 2. But I would like that during the play, they are on 1 and at the stop it is on 2.

    I will look at your patchstorage link, and i think it can be useful! Thank you ! :)

  • You're welcome Meddy!

    To invert the output (and have switch 1 active during playback instead), just add a "NEG" module to the rack output.

  • fwiw, i just reinvented this wheel using a delay module. Drambo clocks constantly change when running, but reset to 0 when stopped. so the transport is stopped if a clock is 0 both now and 2ms ago. this rack logic outputs true when playing:

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