Buffer Osc to move fwd or bkw in the buffer

With a cv input of course. Would turn it into a wavetable time stretchy kinda thing.


  • Flexi can do it.

    You have a lot of options to smoothen the scanning through the waveform: Polyphony, envelopes and some randomness if you're into granular type sounds.

  • flex does work great for that but I can’t trigger the rec function with a gate on flex.

  • Ah yes, the buffer thing 😉

    Modulating a delay e.g. by a sawtooth oscillator will give you that.

    And it will also demonstrate the limitation of this technique: To be totally free, the buffer length would need to be infinite at some point.

  • @Johnisfaster you can do this by creating a buuuunch of buffers that are all somewhat delayed as you go through them. So one trig captures many different nearby parts of the incoming audio. Then you can scan through them using a switch module. It actually works pretty well.

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