LFO after note release

please Help me to create synth sound with LFO controlled filter but I want it to kick in on release not when I play the note. Future bass sort of sound…

I’ve got close with gate inverter on AD envelope I think I’ve lost it and I’m not sure what went wrong.


  • Do you have Sustain turned on on the AD envelope?

  • Sustain on Amp AD that is connected to LFO is off, however notes doesn’t cancel each other. I have MIDI to CV set to 1 voice. But Amp Decay is not infected by it somehow.

  • You may just have a hook-up error. Sometimes, when you add/remove modules, drambo does something unexpected. Try checking all your inputs. Tap on each one and it will highlight the current source.

    You could also try posting a screenshot or a zip of the project file so we could look it over.

  • I would think you'd want Sustain ON in this case, so that the value stays high as long as the note is held, then drops when released. Inverted, this seems like it would give the behavior you're looking for. Maybe I'm misunderstanding though.

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    Here's what seems like works to me. The LFO runs when no note is playing. When you strike a note it stops according to the attack of the AD envelope, and stays stopped as long as the note is held down because Sustain is turned on. When you release the note the LFO ramps up according to the Decay. You'd hook up the filter cutoff to the LFO in place of the Oscilloscope.

  • Hi, thanks for help guys.

    I’ve attached project that contain simple idea with what I came up for now and a sample that I aim for sounding like.

    It’s a Basic Shapes for now but I just want to get this LFO slow down effect, and filter that works either way.

    Layer 1 plays note until release note where Invert Gate kicks in with LFO on Layer 2. Maybe there is other way of doing it? 🤔

    Also would be lovely if it was triggered on note press without needing to press play that moves Graphic Modulator.


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