file names problem with live tracks recording and Windows due to : character


I don’t think this has been spotted before: live recording tracks creates files which have the date and time in them.

Problem is that time uses the hh:mm notation and the [ : ] character isn’t allowed on windows, making direct WebDAV transfer (without renaming) impossible. Would it be possible to change this naming convention in a future update?



  • Good point. I stumbled over it but didn't mention.

    It might also make sense to replace spaces by underscores.

    And give files names like this: 20220802-093422.wav (including seconds).

  • +1 for including seconds as the current naming procedure overwrites the first recording done within the same minute.

    If you plan to 'print' multiple passes/variations/scenes of a track to audio only the last one is saved granted you're fast enough to initiate the stem-recording within a minute which is easy to do for 1-2 bar beats...

    Twisted Wave which happens to be one of my favorite audio-editors on iOS has a dedicated preferences section for letting the user select their preferred file-naming schema. It's not fully configurable (which would be awesome).

    Like PRJN(BPM)-YYYYMMDD-HHMMSS, so YYYY would be 2022, while YY would be just 22, MM would be month number, MMM would be like Aug, while MMMM would be August, DD would be number, DDD would be Wed, while DDDD would be Wednesday etc. etc.

    I know it's overkill for most part but once the code is there it could be applied to all files that get saved.


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    I think it's good. And with the trackname too (without the T- like now). This would make for each file:


    I think we'll have it all! 😁

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