Quantize timing after recording

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Is there a way to quantize the timing of notes in the piano roll after recording a sequence with the 'record quantize' feature turned off?

I would like to record performances without any quantize and then have the option to quantize the timing if I want afterwards.

I can manually drag the notes individually in the piano roll to correct their timing but there doesn't seem to be a 'quantize' function. Or am I missing something?

The QUANT button seems to only enable snapping when editing.


  • If I recall correctly 'Snap Selection To Grid' has been requested a while back but I my memory could also fail me...

  • A quantize feature as a percentage value would be great, like in the op-z. This way you could gradually increase the quantization amount.

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    Yes please. I love the feature on Maschine to easily set 50% or 100% quantising after recording some midi. Or being able to set quantize per track, so my high hats are tight, but I can have my snare loose.

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