Changing samples quickly and easily

Hi all,

I absolutely love Drambo.

The one thing I can’t figure out is how to use samples in the sequencer in a really quick way.


  • is the best way to bounce or freeze a part to set up a recorder, record the part and then use a midi note to play the sample back?
  • say I have a few variations of a sample on a particular track is the best way of changing between them to put them on a sampler module in different zones and then set up a midi note for each one?

Or are there quicker, more ableton style ways of doing this? these are fine but they’re a bit cumbersome I find.

I am also experimenting with just bouncing everything to Loopy Pro which is another option but I was keen to know if there was a way of doing this internally.

thanks all!


  • Using the sampler is probably the easiest way because it supports note triggered sampling and playback. Using the key-to-sample function, you don't need to worry about mapping samples to zones as it's done automatically.

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