Is it possible to customize the pads' scale list?

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There is a list of scales we can choose from the hamburger menu on the controller's pads. Is it possible customize these scales or add more?


  • Do you know the CV Quantizer module?

    I know it's not the same but the huge advantage is that you can set any notes scale on the fly.

  • Thanks, that's a cool module. Is there a way for it to affect MIDI input, so the piano roll records the quantized notes?

  • Not inside Drambo. You could send any MIDI output to a MIDI loopback app like Streambyter or FreEWI running in the background and have that send all MIDI back to Drambo's MIDI input.

    Or use an AUv3 clip based sequencer like Inaginando LK.

    As for recording generated MIDI inside Drambo, only @giku can tell when that will be possible.

  • i would love to have user-definable scales.

    because there's never too many scales, and something is always missing on the list of predefined scales.

    or one might want to have some common scale with certain additional note.

    actually, if we assume that 'a scale' is a set of allowed notes out of 12 chromatic notes, this should not be difficult to implement at all.

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