Anti spam measures for this forum ?

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I notice regular bot spam here. Is there any chance to make this forum more spam proof ? The bots usually start spamming immediately, so I wonder if a “post one comment before you can start your first thread” rule would make sense ? I know this is difficult for new users who have an urgent question, but maybe it would encourage searching for already answered questions too. Just throwing this in for discussion, maybe there are better ways to tackle this issue.


  • Post one comment won't help, some have already posted ads hidden as comments on the topic.

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    Arggh.... Another option I came across in a couple of forums is the use of a custom made captcha during the registration process. Usually not asking for trees, cars and bikes, but asking a question related to the forum:

    Something the likes of:

    What is your favourite Beepstreet app ?

    How is the Drambo sub-forum called, that you can use to share your creations ?

  • How about at least letting us tag questionable posts? That would spare the mods scanning all new posts. And it could be more efficient. I noticed a few posts recently that "replied" to others' posts, but the list of referenced user names included a bogus link made to appear as a user name.

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