Koala losing status within Drambo

I’m using Koala as an AU3 within Drambo.

It works really well, but sometimes if I load a project back in, it hasn’t saved the most recent state of Koala (eg just now I loaded a project and a lot of the midi mapping in Koala had disappeared).

I thought the point of AU 3 was that you didn’t have to save a file within the AU3 plugin or am I wrong about that?



  • Could be a bug indeed.

  • I strongly suspect that Koala Midi Mappings are NOT AUParameters and thus can not be snap-shoted/saved by the host.

  • That’s really helpful and would explain why this is happening - thanks!

  • this also happens in AUM, so it's not Drambo necessarily. You probably do, but make sure you have state saving enabled in Koala's AU preferences.

  • Coming back to Drambo.

    I want to release 2.20 asap. Despite of minor features and bugfixes there will be a MIDI sequencer module (that we need to test first) :)

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