OT - Wavetable, Audacity, sample rate - help!

Friends, I'm not having a good time trying to render single cycles in Audacity. I know this isn't Drambo specific, but there are a lot of great minds here I have faith in. I'm using the adventure kid research page for wave cycles at various sample lengths, but my renders always slightly exceed 1 cycle.

Here is the table with relevant numbers:

When I enter these settings in audacity however, it always looks like this:

I'm stumped about where I'm going wrong.. please help! 🙏

(this is why I wish Drambo could export frames from the WT Osc)


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    lets try something else,

    open a single cycle that fits,

    zoom in, draw ish


    open file again


    have u tried with 44.1?

  • When I try the calculation with 44.1khz, I get a perfect cycle. It's so strange.

    256 x (1/44100) =0.00580498866 (5.8ms). This is about 172.265hz.

    When I enter these numbers, I get a perfect cycle. But the math is messier, 48khz is neater. I just wonder why I can't render perfect cycles with 48khz. Maybe there's some hidden setting in Audacity somewhere..

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    your tracks in audacity and the projectsamplerate can be different things,

    maybe its that?

    since the cycle is to short, its to high in pitch or wrong samplerate trallala

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    Ugh, I'm an idiot. It was the default sample rate. I thought that this was a track specific setting, but it was more of a 'global' setting in preferences.

    Well.. problem solved! Now onto wavetable creation!

    yep, that was it! Thanks for helping me work through it!

  • @aleyas FYI, the WT frame size in Drambo is 2048 samples, not 256.

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