Trying to replicate EHX Attack Decay pedal.

I haven’t done much in dRambo but make a couple basic synth patches and would like to use it for building guitar effects but can’t seem to figure out how I would get started creating a volume envelope with it. Any suggestions would be appreciated!


  • With guitar the envelope follower module is your best friend. I’m unfamiliar with the pedal you mentioned but to do a volume envelope you tie the envelope follower to an amp envelope and set the attack slow to get your swell.

    you could also do a slow filter swell by tying the follower to a regular envelope that’s tied to a low pass filter with a slow attack.

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    volume envelope on audio

    the transient detector creates the trigger from the audio for the amp envelope

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    the envelope follower sucks the level out of the audio and controls the filter cut off with it (auto wah with volume envelope)

  • you get how this works ...

  • Oh I see. The transient detector provides a clean gate signal for the amp envelope. The envelope follower won’t trigger it. Thanks for the correction!

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    you can trick around with the transient detector and the pulse divider in funky ways

    use only every 2nd note and so on ...

    create an filter envelope that is triggered on every 2nd or 4th note ...

  • makes your pedal board cry 😃

  • and of course you can simply take the audio for modulation ...

  • 🤯🤯🤯

    Awesome, I didn’t even think to try running the audio directly in as a modulator!

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    If you take Funktion math : multiply

    put osc in, put audio in into other input of multiply

    u now have a ringmodulator for your audioinput

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    You can draw boutique distortion shapes with graphic shaper

    and filter and eq it before and afterwards

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    Try the convolution for speaker/mic simulation and reverb

  • Don’t forget to make your own presets of all of that.

    i made myself some presets

    so I can use that microphone with this speaker on anything … 😄

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    Drambo is crazy as fx box 🥰

    use the envelope Follower as control for the phaser frequency

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    The Decimator and frequency shifter and the delay rack are also very nice

    and are worth a second or 3rd look ;)

  • The FDN is fab on drums. :)

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    Not the usual suspects

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    I’m going to quote you on that at some point.

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    3 main processes … are kind of the maximum I’m able to manage at a time

    (here resonator, f shift and phaser)

    if I take more, I don’t really understand anymore what’s going on — it becomes to wonderful 😂

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    Amplitude modulation with the mixer

    osc 2 and lfo are modulating mixer level of saw osc

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  • So much to try here, thanks for all these ideas! I'm working on a guitar-based track now so I'm a bit heads down but I appreciate the energy here 👍

    That one about using the graphic shaper is especially useful to me rn

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