Midi CC bug with automation recording

I bought a new midi keyboard/controller last week and was busy setting everything up again.

Hardware controller: Akai MPK mini plus

CC hardware type: Endless buttons set to "Relative"

Midi map settings Drambo: Incremental - Jog + [>64] - [<64]

I ran into the following problem:

I would like no more jumping knobs when switching to other midi channels. My new Akai controller has endless knobs that I have set to "Relative". In Drambo I tested different settings and the knobs on the Akai worked best with: Incremental - Jog + [>64] - [<64]. Everything works fine in Drambo with these settings, the only problem I have is like:

With automation recording the knobs, they keep freezing in Drambo. If I set the knobs on the hardware to "Absolute" and in Drambo on "Continuous absolute" then it works, but then I have again the knobs jumps when changing the midi channels.

-Is this a bug?

-Is there another way to get this right without knobs jumping?

Best regards,



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